Saratoga Watermain Work

The replacement of the watermain along the south side of Saratoga between Bloomfield and Santa Barbara will begin Monday, Sept. 11. The project is expected to take four to six weeks. Inclement weather could extend the project’s timeline.

The watermain is located in the right-of-way – the city-owned strip between the sidewalk and the street that is sometimes referred to as the median, berm or boulevard. Holes and other groundwork will be filled upon completion of watermain replacement. Reseeding will take place in spring 2018.

Driveway approaches will also be effected. Homeowners will be notified prior to approach disturbance in order to move vehicles. Approach disturbance is expected to take one or two days. Upon completion of watermain replacement, approaches will be restored.

Please call Lathrup City Hall at 248-557-2600 with questions or concerns.