Recreational, Adult-Use Cannabis
At the recommendation of the Marijuana Study Group, City Council directed the Planning Commission to draft ordinance language and evaluation criteria for adult-use, recreational cannabis.  Upon completion of these documents, City Council will make a determination whether these types of businesses may be permitted in the city.

On April 20th, Planning Commission discussed draft cannabis zoning ordinance language and draft general code language. The next step is to hold a public hearing to solicit feedback from residents. This is scheduled for Tuesday, June 18th during the regular Planning Commission meeting. Knowing this is an important decision for our community, staff is developing  additional opportunities for residents to ask questions and comment on the proposed ordinance. Please look for additional information on the website and in the upcoming edition of Your Town for details.

Primary Cannabis Caregivers
On February 8th City Council and Planning Commission took action to regulate Primary Cannabis Caregivers operating in the city. Primary caregivers are regulated differently from recreational, adult-use cannabis. More information on the Primary Cannabis Caregivers ordinance amendments may be found by clicking here

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In the meantime, please contact Community & Economic Development Director Susie Stec at with any questions.