Zoning Districts 
R-1      Single-Family Residential District
R-2      Multiple-Family Residential District 
R-3      Single Family Cluster Housing District 
PS       Public Service district
O         Office District
CV       Commercial Vehicular 
VC       Village Center District
MX       Mixed Use District
GO      Gateway Overlay 

For specific information on each of the established districts please reference the Zoning Ordinance

Applying for a Zoning Variance
Prior to 30 Days before next scheduled regular meeting of the Zoning Board of Appeals the applicant is required to submit a variance Application along with 10 copies of plans containing the following items with the Clerk’s Office:
  1. An application fee for a Zoning Appeal. $125.00 for Residential Parcels and $200 for all other Parcels
  2. Actual shape and dimensions of the lot, Drawn to Scale
  3. The location and dimensions of all existing structures and the location and dimensions of the proposed change (i.e. new structure of alteration of existing one).
  4. Existing and intended use for each building or part thereof.
  5. Statement of practical difficulties that prevent conformities with the Ordinance Requirements
  6. Description of any unique circumstances regarding the property (i.e. parcel shape, location, building, etc)
Zoning Board of Appeals
Minutes are available following approval.
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