DIA Inside/Out

Check out the map of DIA Inside/Out locations:

  • Boost Mobile, 28871 Southfield, north wall
  • City Hall, 27400 Souithfield, east wall
  • Municipal Park, 27400 Southfield, red shed 
  • Munson's Cleaners, 28611 Southfield, east wall next to Wireless Phone Doctors
  • Tim Miller State Farm, 26630 Southfield, west wall
  • Primerica, 26060 Southfield, south wall
  • Michigan First Credit Union, 27000 Evergreen, southest corner in front of entrance
  • SOS Office Building, 18505 Twelve Mile, north wall of blue shed
  • Sarrackwood Park entrance, at Saratoga and Woodworth Way
  • Goldengate Park entrance, at Rainbow Drive