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The mission of the Lathrup Village Community Foundation is to raise and disburse funds for the betterment of Lathrup Village recreation, educational and cultural opportunities, programs and facilities, and for the aesthetic improvements that enhance the quality of life and provide a legacy for the generation of today and tomorrow within the City of Lathrup Village. The organization is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization that was established in 1996.

For additional information, contact: Vanessa Barnett at vanbar1113@gmail.com

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The LVHA is a volunteer organization that sponsors many events and provides financial support to civic activities in Lathrup. It also publishes a resident telephone directory on an annual basis.

The association's open meetings are usually held at 7 p.m. on the second Wednesday of the month.

2021 LVHA Scholarship

LVHA is once again sponsoring financial scholarships for college, trade school or university-bound high school seniors graduating in 2021. You must be a resident of Lathrup Village to apply.
Download the application here.

Contact the association at lathrupvillagehomeowners@gmail.com.

Lathrup Village Children's Garden  

Welcome to the Lathrup Village Children’s Garden! Our 4,000 square foot “Adopt a Plot” garden is located behind the Lathrup Village Municipal Building.  This garden, “Where Children Blossom and Grow,” has become a showplace in our community, filled with flowers and plants, as well as arbors, benches, and garden art. Our 2013 season was marked by the addition of five metal windmill flower sculptures.  This project was funded through a generous donation from the Lathrup Village Community Foundation. These sculptures not only gained recognition from our local residents, but they were also featured in the 2014 Annual issue of Lifestyle Magazine for the Greater Southfield Area. The Lathrup Village Childrens Garden has been a place where children and adults of all ages can connect with the wonders of nature.

Since its inception in 2001, our organization has planned and implemented more than 150 programs and activities. We have exciting future plans for the garden which include a new bridge, a living wall ecosystem, a checkerboard garden, and new garden landscapes.  We would like to invite you and your family to become a part of our garden family. 

Lathrup Village Historical Society

The Lathrup Village Historical Society is a charitable, nonprofit organization for people interested in the preservation of the history of the City of Lathrup Village. The Society collects, organizes, preserves and restores material about Lathrup Village. The Society is not affiliated with the City of Lathrup Village.

The Society was formed in 1992 after a group of residents tried unsuccessfully to save the Town Hall, the Southfield Rd. business headquarters of city founder Louise Lathrup Kelley, from demolition.

Much of the city of Lathrup Village was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1998. The historic district includes approximately 1,200 properties, primarily residential, that reflect characteristic housing styles from the first half of the 20th Century. These include Colonial Revival, Spanish Colonial Revival, Tudor, English cottage and ranch houses. The district is also considered significant due to its planning and its pioneering developer, Louise Lathrup Kelley. “As a woman acting as developer starting in the 1920s, she was essentially alone, however her dogged persistence and insistence on quality resulted in a unique community that was the summation of her career.” (Source: Michigan State Historic Preservation Office)

Louise Lathrup Kelley (1893-1963) was an American businesswoman and land developer who planned and developed what is now the city of Lathrup Village, Michigan. In 1923, Louise and her mother Annie began buying land in a then-rural area of Southfield Township in Oakland County, Michigan, north of Detroit. The area was thought to be strategically located because of its elevation, centrality, roads and transportation.

In 1924, Louise built herself a 10,000-square-foot home on a 6.5-acre tract, which became known as the House-in-the-Woods. The first house in Louise Lathrup’s California Bungalow Subdivisions, a yellow brick example of Spanish Colonial Revival, was built in 1925 on a street named Bungalow. Development slowed during the Great Depression, picked up in 1937 and accelerated after World War II.

In 1953, Lathrup Village became a 1.5-square-mile city. It is situated east and west of Southfield Rd. and north and south of the I-696 expressway. The first city offices were located in the House-in-the Woods, where they remained until 1962. The house was destroyed by fire in 2009.

The Historical Society is now the owner and custodian of the business and personal files rescued from the Town Hall demolition and the House-in-the-Woods fire.

President:  Robin Roberts
Vice President: Michael Griffin
Secretary: Annette Kingsbury
Treasurer: Becky Curtiss
Board Members At-Large: Chris Hayslett, Angelica McBroom
Historian: Marilu Reznik

Social media: Facebook Page, Wordpress.com
Contact: lvhs1954@yahoo.com, 248-514-3842, or 28221 Lathrup Blvd., Lathrup Village, MI 48076.
Send donations or memberships to Becky Curtiss, 27415 Goldengate W., Lathrup Village, MI 48076.
Membership: Annually $20 individual, $25 family, $50 patron, $75 business.
Historic house plaques: Two styles are available. See our Facebook or Wordpress pages for details.


Other Groups

  • Friends of the Village Nature Preserve
  • Lions Club contact Lion Bruce Calder at (248) 789-0907
  • Southfield Lathrup Village Optimist Club   Youth Oratorical & Essay Contests Flyer
  • Supper Club contact Karen Miller at kare156@aol.com
  • Timebank contact Kim Hodge at (248) 424-7455 or Richard Reeves at (248) 569-5610
  • Women's Club contact Loretta DeLoach at (248) 559-5215