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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do we need to repave our residential roads?

2. How did the roads get to be in such a degraded state?

3. What is included in this road improvement project?

4. Will my concrete road be replaced with concrete or asphalt?

5. What will happen to the small amount of gravel roads in the City?  Will there be a shared assessment for those residing on the gravel roads?

6. Who designed and proposed this project?

7. When will the project begin?

8. When will my road get repaved?

9. Will all roads be fully reconstructed?

10. What is a PASER rating and how is it used with respect to road repairs?

11. Will there be curbs on the new roads and will they have the same width?

12. Why do the storm ditches and culverts need reconditioning, regrading and/or culvert replacement?

13. Why repair the storm ditch system at the same time as the roads?

14. How did our storm ditches get to be in such a non-functional state?

15. Who will do the actual construction work?

16. Who decides what streets will be repaired?

17. How much will this project cost? 

18. My road is on the eligible road list.  Is there anything I can do to help increase the chance that my road will be chosen as one of the roads to repair during the three year project?

19. What happens if our road is selected for repair, but the residents on our street vote down the ditch special assessment?

20. What if my street is not on the eligible road list, but wants to get our ditch system repaired?

21. When will this proposal be on the ballot?

22. Prior questions pointed to a lack of money as a cause leading to less than adequate roads and storm ditches.  Why do cities like Lathrup Village have significantly less revenue than 30 years ago when roads and ditches seemed to be better maintained?

23. Why do the residents have to pay for this project?

24. What will this project cost the average homeowner?

25. I already pay such high taxes-why doesn't the money I already pay cover the cost of maintaining and fixing the roads?

26. Is there anything I can do if I anticipate having difficulty paying this tax increase?

27. I thought the State of Michigan was working on a solution for Michigan roads-if the State enacts a solution, why does the City need its own project?  Would it make sense to wait and see what the State implements before doing anything locally?

28. Do I pay more if my taxable value has been uncapped in the past several years (i.e., I recently bought my home)?

29. Who decides whether this project will take place?

30. What happens if the project is not approved?

31. If approved, what can we do to protect this large investment and be assured that the dollars spent are fully maximized?

32. What if I have a rain garden in my ditch?  What about other objects in the ditches?

33. How can I find out more?