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Infrastructure Projects

Water Service Line Material Identification

One element of the infrastructure improvements, which is a state requirement, is to identify the interior water service line material for each household in the city.  If you have not already done so, residents are asked to follow the instructions in the Water Service Material Survey as soon as possible.  The state mandates that city has a complete inventory of this information by December 31, 2024.

Should your water service lines be identified as lead or galvanized pipe, the city will have your lines replaced at no cost to you.

Lathrup Village Infrastructure Work is Completed2023 CONSTRUCTION MAP

The 2023 city-wide infrastructure projects began in mid-April, weather-permitting.  Major projects include road resurfacing (paving), water main replacements, and the final year of the Sidewalk Replacement Program.  The city will also continue replacing/refurbishing fire hydrants and gate valves, water service line identifications, lead service line replacements, and sewer improvements. 

The city strives to keep residents informed about the progress of these projects.  For up-to-date information, check out the city's interactive GIS project map. This map will be updated weekly.  Weekly updates are also included in the city’s eNewsletter.  Updates typically include what was accomplished during the week and work that residents may expect in the upcoming week. Residents not currently receiving the city's eNewsletter are encouraged to sign-up here for the latest construction updates.

Questions on infrastructure projects may be directed to Susie Stec at ciprojects@lathrupvillage.org.

2023 Road Resurfacing (Paving)

The city will be resurfacing 3.5 miles of road, which will consist of milling 3 ½  inches of existing asphalt and place 3 ½ inches of new asphalt.  Project work has been split into  the  three (3) groups outlined below. All schedules and work are weather-dependent.

Group 1
Scheduled to start Monday, April 17th 

Group 2
Tentatively scheduled to start Tuesday, May 8th

Group 3
Tentatively scheduled to start Monday, July 10th

  • Sunnybrook (Southfield to Lathrup)
  • Sunset East (NW dead end to Lathrup)
  • Sunset West (Glenwood to Southfield)
  • Glenwood (Sunset to Southfield)
  • Redwood (Eldorado to Southfield)
  • Alley Improvements (west) (Glenwood to Avilla)
  • Eldorado SAD (11 Mile to Meadowbrook Way)
  • Goldengate West (11 Mile to Southfield)
  • Frank Brock Way (Southfield to City Hall)
  • Sunnybrook (west) (Rainbow to Santa Barbara)
  • Red River (south) (11 Mile to Morningside Plaza)
  • Morningside Plaza (SE) (Red River to Rainbow)
  • Rainbow Drive (Morningside Plaza to Rackham)
  • San Jose (Bloomfield to Stanford)
  • Stanford Ct (California to California)
  • San Diego (200 feet west of Stanford to Stanford)
  • Saratoga (Santa Barbara to Bloomfield)
  • Red River (north) (Morningside to Glenwood)
  • Morningside Plaza (NW) (Red River to Red River)
  • Bloomfield (Wiltshire to 12 Mile)

Lawn Irrigation Systems
Garbage & Recycling
2023 Pavement Resufacing Program 2022 11 04
Property Owners who have irrigation systems located within ten (10) feet of the edge of the roadway should mark the location of any sprinkler heads so they are not damaged during construction. The City requests that these portions of your irrigation system be temporarily turned off during construction.  Every effort will be made to avoid damaging these areas; however, neither the city nor its contractors will be held liable or make repairs to damaged sprinkler systems that are not marked. You will be allowed access to your road between 7 pm and 7 am throughout the majority of construction. Please ensure that any vehicles needed during the daytime hours are relocated from your residence and parked at an alternate parking location. The Police Department will be patrolling the alternate parking areas more often during construction and will not ticket vehicles parked in the road.
Parking will be allowed on the street side opposite mailboxes only.

While regular trash pick-up is not expected to be impacted by resurfacing work, there may be times residents should refrain from putting out trash or if able and willing, take it to the nearest designated corner the morning of your scheduled pick-up day.  Pick-up areas will be clearly identified with signage.

Sidewalk Replacement Program

This will be the final year of the Sidewalk Replacement Program (SRP).  The goal of this program is to replace aging or degrading squares to create safe conditions, reduce the likelihood of slip-and-fall accidents, and bring all sidewalks into compliance with the city’s ordinances.  In Year 3 of the SRP the focus will be in the neighborhoods east of Southfield Road from 11 Mile to 12 Mile and South of San Diego from Southfield Road to Evergreen.  As in previous years, residents have been provided with cost estimates and have the option to have the city do the work or contract privately to have the required work done. Should residents choose the latter, all appropriate permits must be pulled through the Building Department.  For those residents having the city perform the work, final invoices will be mailed in the fall at the completion of work. Residents will have to either have their invoice paid-off or enter into a payment plan by December 1st, otherwise the amount due will be rolled onto the upcoming Summer Taxes. 

Please note: Any resident with a sprinkler system within 12 inches of the sidewalk to be removed must mark their sprinkler heads prior to construction.  Every effort will be made to avoid damaging these areas; however, neither the city nor its contractors will be held liable or make repairs to damaged  sprinkler systems that are not marked.

Infrastructure Improvements Background & Project Descriptions

In 2019, Lathrup Village residents voted to approve a $5.85 million road improvement millage. Additionally, Lathrup Village City Council approved bonding the $5.38 million needed for extensive public infrastructure improvements which includes replacement of water mains, water meters, gate valves, and fire hydrants; identification of water service line materials, lead -line replacements, and sanitary sewer improvements. The city also implemented a city-wide Sidewalk Replacement Program. Concurrently, the Downtown Development Authority (LVDDA) is implementing alleyway and approach improvements and  undertaking a Sidewalk Replacement Program in the commercial district.  Work started on all of these projects in 2021 and will extend over 3 years. Descriptions on the various projects are detailed below.

Please follow the links for more information on the Water & Sewer Capital Improvement Projects and BondsRoad Improvement Bond Proposal and Engineering Estimate for Local  Road Repairs.
Sidewalk Construction - Copy


Approximately 60% were installed in the 1920s. Many existing hydrants will be refurbished and should not require much excavation in order to repair, others will require full replacement. Some homes in the area may temporarily experience rust-colored water.

GATE VALVES Valves are used to isolate water main sections for repair. Approximately 60% were originally installed in the 1920s. New gate valves are also required in order to be in compliance with the current standards.

VERIFICATION OF WATER SERVICE LINE MATERIAL - as a result of unfunded State regulations, by 2025, the City is required to identify the material of all water service pipes leading into all homes and businesses in the City.  Any service line that consists of lead or galvanized steel is required to be replaced with the cost born completely by the City.   Approximately 315 verifications will occur per year and will include the replacement of Stop Boxes. Verifications are required both inside your residents/business and at the curb stop near the sidewalk.  The work to verify the material at the curb stop will require excavation.

LEAD SERVICE LINE REPLACEMENTSwe do not believe that there is an excessive number of lead and/or galvanized water lines in the City.  The Michigan Dept. of Environment, Great Lakes & Energy (EGLE) requires all communities to start the verification process this year and begin replacing a minimum of 5% of those identified each year.

WATER METER REPLACEMENTS - the water meter stock in Lathrup Village is dated and most have outlived their expected life.   Some are reporting inconsistent readings. A testing process of meters in the homes has been initiated. It is anticipated that meters will need to be replaced. An RFP will be issued for new water meters, with real-time reporting of usage.

WATER MAIN REPLACEMENTS - water mains will be replaced this summer/fall.

SANITARY SEWER REPAIRS - based upon this year’s sewer line inspections, sewer line repairs will occur.

SANITARY RETENTION TANK - the “Tank” is connected to the Evergreen Farmington Sanitary Sewage District, which has recently become a Chapter 20 Drainage District. In order to increase discharge capacity, prevent sewer overflows, and address the Corrective Action Plan (CAP) under the Administrative Consent Order (ACO), the Tank requires significant upgrades and expansion of its capacity. The tank also requires some necessary repairs and upgrades due to its age.

SIDEWALKSthe Sidewalk Replacement Program is expected to span over 3 years. The property owner remains responsible for the costs of the repair/replacement. Owners can repair the sidewalk themselves or participate with the city contractor. Under the city program, permit fees are waived and the payments may be spread over 2 years.