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Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure Improvements
Projects Began Spring 2021


Lathrup Village residents voted to approve a $5.85 million road improvement millage. In addition, the Lathrup Village City Council approved bonding the $5.38 million needed for the public infrastructure improvements. The work will start this year and extend over 3 years. For up-to-date information, the city has launched an interactive GIS map which will be updated regularly.  The map will include a description and schedule of the various infrastructure activities.  This will help residents to remain informed about the various projects and plan accordingly.  Link to 2021 Street Project Map

Water & Sewer Capital Improvement Projects and Bonds
Road Improvement Bond Proposal

Public Service Announcement Video Updates


The work includes:

WATER SUPPLY SYSTEM IMPROVEMENTS - including replacement of water mains, water meters, gate valves, fire hydrants

LEAD AND COPPER WATER SERVICE LINE – verifications, inspections, and replacements from the water main to the water meter, where lead service lines are identified


SANITARY SEWER SYSTEM IMPROVEMENTS - including sanitary sewer retention tank improvements and replacement or lining of sanitary sewer pipes; and


SIDEWALK, DITCH AND DRAINAGE IMPROVEMENTS - much of this work will be repaid through special assessments and direct billing to residents.




What to expect in 2021

FIRE HYDRANTSApproximately 60% were installed in the 1920s. Many existing hydrants will be refurbished and should not require much excavation in order to repair, others will require full replacement. Some homes in the area may temporarily experience rust-colored water. Map

  • 11 Fire Hydrants – New (in new locations)
  • 45 Fire Hydrants – replaced/refurbished

GATE VALVES Valves are used to isolate water main sections for repair. Approximately 60% were originally installed in the 1920s. New gate valves are also required in order to be in compliance with the current standards. Map

  • 8 Gate Valves - New
  • 67 Gate Valves - replaced/refurbished

VERIFICATION OF WATER SERVICE LINE MATERIAL - as a result of unfunded State regulations, by 2025, the City is required to identify the material of all water service pipes leading into all homes and businesses in the City.  Any service line that consists of lead or galvanized steel is required to be replaced with the cost born completely by the City.   Approximately 315 verifications will occur per year and will include the replacement of Stop Boxes. Verifications are required both inside your residents/business and at the curb stop near the sidewalk.  The work to verify the material at the curb stop will require excavation. Map

  • In 2021, we are planning approximately 315 exterior verifications.

LEAD SERVICE LINE REPLACEMENTSwe do not believe that there is an excessive number of lead and/or galvanized water lines in the City.  The Michigan Dept. of Environment, Great Lakes & Energy (EGLE) requires all communities to start the verification process this year and begin replacing a minimum of 5% of those identified each year.

  • In 2021, we are planning to schedule the replacement of 10 to 20 water service lines.

WATER METER REPLACEMENTS - the water meter stock in Lathrup Village is dated and most have outlived their expected life.   Some are reporting inconsistent readings. A testing process of meters in the homes has been initiated. It is anticipated that meters will need to be replaced. An RFP will be issued for new water meters, with real-time reporting of usage.

WATER MAIN REPLACEMENTS - water mains will be replaced this summer/fall.

  • Wiltshire (from Southfield to Lathrup Blvd) 
  • San Rosa (from Southfield to Lathrup Blvd) 

SANITARY SEWER REPAIRS - based upon this year’s sewer line inspections, sewer line repairs will occur.

SANITARY RETENTION TANK - the “Tank” is connected to the Evergreen Farmington Sanitary Sewage District, which has recently become a Chapter 20 Drainage District. In order to increase discharge capacity, prevent sewer overflows, and address the Corrective Action Plan (CAP) under the Administrative Consent Order (ACO), the Tank requires significant upgrades and expansion of its capacity. The tank also requires some necessary repairs and upgrades due to its age.

STREET REPAVING PROJECT 2021 – (Map Link) Voters approved the $5.845 bond millage for street improvements. The 3-year projects are scheduled to being in early May and will include either reconstruction or resurfacing. Parts of the following streets will undergo repaving activities:

  • Group 1 – Resurfacing and Reconstruction (finished)

    • Glenwood Blvd (Resurface from Lathrup to E. Goldengate)
    • Cambridge Blvd (Reconstruct from Rainbow to Santa Barbara)
    • Sunset Dr (Resurface from Bloomfield to Wiltshire)
    • Bungalow Dr (Resurface from Rainbow to Santa Barbara)
    • Sunnybrook Ave (Resurface from Red River to Rackham)
    • Avilla Blvd (Resurface from Southfield to east city limit)
    • Glenwood Blvd (Reconstruct from Red River to Santa Barbara)
    • Santa Barbara Dr (Resurface from Bungalow to San Jose)


  • Group 2 – Reconstruction (In process)

    • San Jose Blvd (Reconstruct from Rackham to Santa Barbara)
    • Santa Barbara Dr (Reconstruct from San Jose to Roseland)
    • Wiltshire Blvd (Reconstruct from Santa Barbara to Bloomfield)
    • Alhambra Ave (Reconstruct from Santa Barbara to Sunset

SIDEWALKSthe Sidewalk Replacement Program is expected to span over 3 years. The property owner remains responsible for the costs of the repair/replacement. Owners can repair the sidewalk themselves or participate with the city contractor. Under the city program, permit fees are waived and the payments may be spread over 2 years. In 2021, the sidewalk replacement area will include:

  • Southfield Road Commercial Corridor between Lincoln and 12 Mile Road
  • Residential areas south of I-696/11 Mile, both east and west of Southfield Road
To learn more:

What to expect in 2022

The Infrastructure Committee recommended and City Council approved 2.24 miles of road repaving for the 2022 construction season.  These specific roads are noted below:

  • Lacrosse: Bloomfield to Santa Barbara
  • Glenwood: Santa Barbara to Bloomfield
  • Saratoga: Bloomfield to Sunset
  • Cambridge: Santa Barbara to Bloomfield
  • San Rosa: Southfield Road to the City Line
  • Wiltshire: Southfield Road to the City Line
  • East California: Southfield Road to Southfield Road
  • Lathrup Boulevard: Southfield Road to Coral Gables
  • Rainbow Court: Rainbow Drive to Rainbow Court
  • Eldorado Place: Middlesex to Rainbow Drive
  • Cambridge*: Southfield Road to Lathrup Boulevard

* - Contingent upon approval of their ditch special assessment district.