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(Please note that all projects timelines are estimates and subject to change)

Lathrup Village proposed work for the week of 12/6/2021:



Week of 11/30 Update -  ASI did not complete any work.

Week of 12/6 – ASI plans to work surface drainage issues.

Exterior Excavation

Week of 11/30 update – Sunde Services completed some exterior excavations.

Week of 12/6 – Sunde Services will continue excavations following Miss Dig staking.


Week of 12/6 – Sunde received 2 hydrants and plans to install them.

2022 – Sunde will continue with phase 3 hydrant replacement.

 Gate Valves

Week of 11/30 update – Sunde Services did not work on gate valves this week because they are awaiting clean out from Southfield.

Week of 12/6 – Sunde Services will continue work on Phase 2 gate valves once Southfield cleans out the remaining wells.

San Rosa and Wiltshire Water Main

2022 -  Reconstruct both streets as part of the paving program.


2022 – KD will resume construction on year 1 work once weather permits (approximately late March).


Please be reminded that concrete driveways cannot be driven on for a minimum of 5 days after the concrete is placed.


Roads Work started on 05/03 with group 1 streets with traffic control being delivered, erosion control set, and saw cutting of pavement butt-joints.

On 05/06, they started milling all the Type C (resurfacing) streets and should be completed with milling today.  So far, so good with just a couple minor issues (keep the fingers crossed).

  • Glenwood Blvd                  (Lathrup to E. Goldengate)
  • Sunset Dr                             (Bloomfield to Wiltshire)
  • Bungalow Dr                      (Rainbow to Santa Barbara)
  • Avilla Blvd                         (Southfield to east city limit)
  • Sunnybrook Ave               (Red River to Rackham)
  • Santa Barbara Dr              (Bungalow to San Jose)


Update on Lathrup Village Fire Hydrant Replacements/Refurbishing:

Hydrants – Sunde Building (contractor) has completed Phase 1 of the hydrant repairs (3 total).

Plans to replace hydrants today (5/7) – no water to be shut off, but some residents may experience some brown water:

  • San Jose and Rackham
  • Sunset Blvd and Wiltshire
  • Avilla Blvd and Lathrup Blvd
  • Glenwood Blvd at Lathrup Blvd


Occupants in the area may experience discolored water for several hours after the repair has been completed.

Brown, rusty water is caused by iron and other materials stirred up in the water mains. This is most often caused by a water main break or annual maintenance. If you are experiencing this problem:

  • Turn on the COLD-water faucet at the lowest level of your home (nearest the water meter) and let the COLD-water run for approximately 10 minutes.
  • This should clean out the residue in your service line, and clear the problem.
  • The water is safe to drink, but do not wash whites, since they will discolor. 
  • Flush the water lines that feed the washing machine and dishwasher by running each through one cycle before using.
  • Empty and clean automatic ice makers.

Exterior Water Service Excavation - Lead & Copper Verifications and Stop Box Replacement(approx. 350 properties randomly selected, as required by Michigan EGLE)
       – Sunde has completed Phase 1A Lead & Copper verifications (12 total)  MAP LINK
       -  The week of May 3rd Sunde should complete Phase 1B L & C verifications (19 total)
        - May 3 - May 14:  Streets include Bloomfield, Coral Gables, Eldorado Place, Kilburnie and Lathrup Blvd.

Fire Hydrants (nearby residents may experience periodic water interruptions during the process)
      - Sunde has completed Phase 1 of the hydrant repairs (3 total)
      - May 3 to May 14 - 7 fire hydrants to be replaced
              - Glenwood & Lathrup (1)
              - Avilla & Lathrup (2)
              - Sunset & Wiltshire (1)
              - Glenwood & Santa Barbara (1)
              - Glenwood & Woodworth (1)
              - San Jose & Rackham (1)

Gate Valves – No work has been started yet. MAP LINK

Roads –This is all weather and production dependent.

The Contractor distributed notices to each affected residence or business on those streets under construction prior to work beginning. 

For 2021, the pavement reconstruction program is essentially in 2 phases or groups:

Group 1 – Resurfacing and Reconstruction (scheduled to start Monday, May 3rd)

  • Glenwood Blvd          (Resurface from Lathrup to E. Goldengate)
  • Cambridge Blvd         (Rehabilitation from Rainbow to Santa Barbara)
  • Sunset Dr                   (Resurface from Bloomfield to Wiltshire)
  • Bungalow Dr              (Resurface from Rainbow to Santa Barbara)
  • Sunnybrook Ave         (Resurface from Red River to Rackham)
  • Avilla Blvd                   (Resurface from Southfield to east city limit)
  • Glenwood Blvd           (Rehabilitation from Red River to Santa Barbara)
  • Santa Barbara Dr       (Resurface from Bungalow to San Jose)


  • Monday. May 3rd  - regular service
  • The following Monday(s) –Tringali Trucks will still be able to make it down the street We are working with Tringali on identifying “corners” where residents can leave their containers when the garbage trucks can’t get through. We are advising residents to be prepared to not put out their trash containers in weeks 2 and 3 of construction, just in case the trucks can’t get through.

BRANCH CHIPPING –We are asking residents on the roads under construction to NOT put out tree branches for the chipping service on Friday’s, until the construction is completed.

MAIL – the Post Office has advised that they will AUTOMATICALLY HOLD mail for any streets under construction. Residents can pick up their mail at the Lathrup Village Post Office (28211 Southfield Road) during their regular hours of operation. For additional information, call 800.275.8777

PARKING – During the same two (2) to three (3) week period when the road will be closed, residents will need to seek alternate parking locations as they will not have access to their street or driveway. The City Police Department will be patrolling the alternate parking areas more often during construction and will not ticket vehicles parked in the road overnight.

Lawn Irrigation Systems - Property Owners who have irrigation systems located within ten (10) feet of the edge of the roadway should mark the location of any sprinkler heads so they are not damaged during construction. The City requests that these portions of your irrigation system be temporarily turned off during construction.

Lawns & Landscaping - All lawns impacted by construction will be restored and landscaped by the Contractor at the end of construction. The Contractor will be required to water the lawn for 2 weeks after which it will be the resident’s responsibility to water.