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Branch Chipping

Branch Chipping Guidelines

There are very specific guidelines for the city’s branch chipping program. Tringali Sanitation chips these materials on Mondays. . Chipping occurs April to December.  

  • Branches must be cut to lengths between 4 and 14 feet and placed at the street with the cut side facing the street.
  • Stack branches neatly. “Beaver Dams” will not be collected.
  • Chippable” branches are those that are between 2 and 4 inches in diameter. (Pine is not accepted)
  • Branches with less than a 2-inch diameter should be broken up and placed in yard waste bags.
  • Branches larger than a 4-inch diameter don’t fit in the chipper. Homeowners must dispose of larger branches on their own.
  • Stumps and logs are not part of the chipping program and can’t be collected. Homeowners must dispose of these on their own.
  • Christmas trees will be collected as bulk items along with regular garbage.
  • If you receive a reg tag, please note the checked item on the tag and make the necessary corrections for collection the following week.

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