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Lawn & Yard Waste

Lawn / Yard Waste

Lawn or yard waste is defined as new growth hedge and brush trimmings, wood chips, garden vegetables and fruit, old potting soil, edging materials, and small pencil thin twigs incidental to your debris. The waste must be placed in open containers or paper yard waste bags. Do not mix fresh grass with this material or the entire container or bag will not be picked up.
Grass Clippings
Grass clippings are not collected by the City. Arrangements should be made with your lawn care company or with a private contractor to remove your grass clippings. The City encourages and promotes a “Let the Clips Fall Where They Lie” program and information about this program can be obtained from the City offices.
Lawn and Yard Waste in most cases must follow the same curbside placement requirements as solid waste and refuse. Brush/branch collection occurs year around on Mondays. Place branches and limbs stacked neatly at the curb with the "cut" side facing the street. Branches must be between 4 and 14 feet long (chop or cut longer branches into small sections) and less than 4 inches in diameter.Containers are to be placed at the curb between the hours of 4:00 pm the day before collection and 6:00 am on day of collection. 

When not placed by the curb, refuse receptacles (including paper yard bags) are to be stored in a building or completely out of public view. For information on yard waste collection in the area or for special events / pick-ups please visit the Southeastern Oakland County Refuse and Recycling Authority.