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pest control

Rodent & Pest Control
Don’t Invite Unwanted Guests
  • ALWAYS store garbage in cans with tightly secured lids.  Even a small bit of a discarded food can be a feast to a hungry animal.
  • Keep compost contained in a sealed container and do not let brush or grass build up on your property.
  • Bird feeders don’t just feed birds!  Rodents and other small animals love bird feed as well.  In the past it became such a large problem that feeders were banned from the City
  • As temperatures begin to cool animals will seek warmer areas. 
  • Unraked leaves, tall grass, and unstacked wood all provide shelter for animals against the elements.
Local Rodent & Pest Control Companies
The City's Animal Control policy only covers the capture and/or removal of dogs and cats, not rodents, deer, coyotes, etc.

The City does not participate in any cost sharing of animal disposal.