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Property Tax Information Line
Millage Rate - effective July 1, 2021

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A property tax information line is available that allows you to access your tax information, including payment status, over the telephone. The toll free telephone number for the tax line is (888) 600-3773.

Oakland County Equalization
Is contracted with the City of Lathrup Village to provide property assessment services. Equalization determins Assessed and Taxable Values on properties.

Headlee Rollback
Refers to the passage of the Headlee Amendment in 1978 to Michigan's Constitution. Headlee requires a local unit of government to reduce its millage when annual growth on existing property is greater than the rate of inflation. As a result, a local unit of government's millage rate gets "rolled back" so that the resulting growth in property tax revenue, community-wide, is no more than the rate of inflation.

Taxable value becomes uncapped from property transfers ("pop-ups"). The greater the number of pop-ups, the greater the impact on rollbacks.

Link for Proposal A Brochure 
for information on:
  • March Board of Review and Poverty Exemptions
  • How Property Taxes are calculated
  • What is Assessed Value
  • What is State Equalized Value (SEV)
  • What is "capped value"
  • How are property values determined
  • What is a "principal residence exemption"
  • Wat is "taxable value"
  • What happens when you purchase a property