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Rouge River
You may or may not know that the City of Lathrup Village is part of the Rouge River system. Storm water flows from Lathrup Village to drains that run directly to the Rouge River. Our ditches and swales aid in keeping the Rouge River clean. Historically, ditches and swales were constructed to remove water from the road surfaces and to minimize freezing and thawing of the roadbed.

Lathrup Village is a member of the Alliance of Rouge Communities (ARC)

Ditches and swales also perform the following important functions:
  • Storm water that is carried in a ditch or swale is significantly slowed down as it makes its way to the Rouge River, thus reducing erosion and flooding to downstream properties.
  • Water that drains into a ditch or swale also percolates into the soil beneath the ditch. This recharges groundwater and filters and treats lawn and roadside pollutants.
Did You Know
  • Rainwater runs off paved surfaces ten times faster than grassy swales.
  • As water flows over paved surfaces, it collects oil, pet wastes, salt, fertilizer, oils, and other pollutants.
  • It doesn’t matter if your house is not on a stream or river; storm drains carry this runoff from your neighborhood to the Rouge River.
Another method for draining storm water naturally is the creation of a Rain Garden. Check out the Rain Gardens  located around the community. Some of the locations include: San Rosa and Avilla just west of Southfield Road and just north of City Hall. 

Working with Southeastern Oakland County Water Authority (SOCWA) is a most enthusiastic Rain Garden advocate, Lillian Dean. Contact SOCWA at (248) 288-5150.

Become a Master Rain Gardener
Join Friends of the Rogue and learn how to design your own rain garden step-by-step. This HYBRID five-week workshop starts on September 29th through October 27th. 

Full Flyer
Sign up: https://therouge.org/master-rain-gardener/