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snow & ice removal

Snow & Ice Removal

The Public Service Department maintains over 27 miles of roads in the City. In addition to maintaining the roads on the sunny, warm days, the department also handles snow removal and ice control on public streets.

Property owners are responsible for snow removal and ice control on private property. Lathrup Village City Ordinance 381-06 requires property owners and occupants to clear snow and ice from sidewalks abutting their property as follows:
  • When snow stops falling during daylight hours, it must be cleared within 12 hours after the snowfall stops.
  • When snow stops falling during the night, it must be cleared by 6:00 pm the following day.
  • When ice forms on the sidewalk, it must be removed immediately, if practical. If immediate removal is impractical, the owner or occupant must put sand or other material, approved by the DPS, on the ice to prevent the sidewalk from becoming slippery and dangerous to pedestrians. The ice must then be removed at the earliest possible time.
If you fail to clear ice or snow from your sidewalk, DPS may clear it at your expense.
To assist the City Public Service and Police personnel in doing their jobs most effectively and safely, there is no parking on Lathrup Village streets, courts, or alleys from 3:00 am – 6:00 am. Your cooperation with this matter is greatly appreciated.