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special units

Special Units
Bike Team
The Lathrup Village Police Department Bike Team has proven to be a very successful program. The police bicycle is an excellent mode of quiet transportation that gives officers a different level of visibility. Bike Officers have an enhanced awareness of surroundings. This ability gives bike officers an edge in spotting types of illegal activity that other patrol units might not have. Bike Officers cover large areas of the community and can get to places patrol vehicles cannot. The bicycle has proven to be an outstanding asset to the Lathrup Village Community. 

Our bike officers have also demonstrated their value as a rapid response resource at sporting and special events within the community. Bike Patrols are an excellent resource where there are large crowds or heavy traffic. Residents communicate easily with police officers on bikes compared to other types of patrols. 

Although the primary assignment of the Bike Patrol is to patrol the community, our officers also assist with major events within Oakland County. For example, the Bike Patrol assists with other police departments such as the Woodward Dream Cruise.
Motorcycle Unit
The Lathrup Village Police Motorcycle Unit provides support in a variety of ways. Motorcycles are highly maneuverable vehicles that are indispensable for traffic control. For instance, during sporting or special events, Motor Unit officers are able to move even when traffic is standing still. 

The Motor Unit conducts traffic enforcement, provides escorts, calls for service, and are highly visible within the community. Officer Charles Becker is assigned to the Motor Unit. Officer Becker has undergone rigorous training and has extensive motorcycle riding experience.
Motor Carrier Unit
Motor Carrier Officers are assigned to enforce commercial vehicles for compliance of motor carrier laws and regulations. Motor carrier officers check commercial vehicles for size, weight, equipment, cargo securement, and driver qualification. Motor carrier enforcement insures safe operation of commercial vehicles. The officers work closely with other agencies and are highly trained in the area of commercial vehicle enforcement. Residents with questions regarding motor carrier enforcement can send emails to this department.