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Responsibilities The Treasurers Office:
  • Maintains a system of accounts for all City departments
  • Regulates disbursements of all City funds, and maintenance of the City's financial records, bond accounts, investments, special assessments, and payroll
  • Coordinates the City's required annual audit
  • Manages many of the questions relative to the assessing process
The City contracts Oakland County Equalization Division of all assessing functions. Each assessment notice that you receive comes from the County, as does the tax bill. The City Treasurer has a direct computer link with the Equalization Division and can answer questions relative to you assessment and tax status.

Summer Tax Bill
The summer tax bill is the larger of the two, and contains 100% of the City, County General, State Education, Zoo Authority, Community College, and Intermediate School taxes and 50% of the school tax bill. 

Summer tax bills are due between July 1 and August 31 without penalty.

Winter Tax Bill
Winter tax bills are due between December 1 and February 14. The winter bills contain 100% of the Oakland County Parks and Recreation and Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Authority tax, and the remaining 50% of the school tax. 

Delinquent Tax Bills
All tax bills become delinquent March 1 and are turned over to the Oakland County Treasurer for collection.

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