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Commercial & Recreational Vehicles
Commercial vehicles may not be stored overnight on residential properties when in view of the public; storage is limited to closed garages. Trailers and boats which are smaller than seven feet wide, under 10 feet long, and less than eight feet tall may be stored out of public view in the side or rear of the yard provided they are parked on a paved (concrete, asphalt, or brick paver) surface. (Zoning Ordinance, Section 4.1)
Abandoned Vehicles
Abandoned or inoperable vehicles (those that are unlicensed, without an operable engine, have one or more flat tires, etc.) are allowed to be stored on property for no more than 48 hours. After such time, the vehicle must be stored away from pubic view until it is made operable again. (Zoning Ordinance, Section 5.6)