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About Lathrup Village

Lathrup Village is an historic residential community that is upwardly mobile, culturally diverse, well educated, and part of a populous and economically significant region of the country.

The vision that this economic development plan sets out to achieve is one that embraces a new urban character, demographic diversity, and economic variety, while establishing the city as a regional economic hub.

Lathrup Village seeks to be a vibrant, new urban destination that is characterized by walkability, economic sustainability, and business diversity to augment its sterling reputation as a historic residential community.

A variety of amenities, increased housing options, and public improvements exist to attract businesses, developers, and new residents as well as contribute to the distinct charm of the city’s existing housing stock.

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With a rich history dating back to 1923, The City of Lathrup Village is located in Oakland County, Michigan and spans one and a half square miles, bounded on the north and south by Twelve and Ten and a Half Mile Roads and running east and west from about a quarter mile east of Southfield Road to Evergreen Road on the west. With a controlled building plan, a beautiful residential development began to emerge in strict accordance with the ideas of the community’s founder, Louise Lathrup Kelly. The unique street system design has been considered a model for a planned residential community. 

The residents of Lathrup Village are highly educated, with 95.5% of the population having attained at least a high school degree and 49.7% having attained bachelor’s degree or higher. These figures exceed the rates of Oakland County. Consequently, these higher levels of educational attainment have led to the City’s elevated median income levels. 


Lathrup Village is conveniently located in a strategic transportation hub. Lathrup Village has a freeway exit onto Interstate 696, is conveniently located on Southfield Road, is minutes away from major arteries, such as Telegraph Road, Woodward Avenue and Interstate 75. Its proximity to Detroit is ideal for commerce. It is located in prosperous Oakland County and is surrounded by major regional economic anchors.

Economic Development

Review the Lathrup Village Economic Development Plan

Knowing that the new economy requires forward thinking innovation and adaptability, the city has launched several initiatives to promote business development and is striving to realize the community's vision of a Village Center district as a new walkable downtown. This is being done brick by brick, and business by business.

The vision for economic redevelopment includes the creation of a Village Center as the central point within the City; creating the sense and feel of a small town. Aggressive plans to address outdated architecture along Southfield Road are also key to the redesign of the City to attract and retain businesses that contribute to a diverse and sustainable economy.

Purchasing Power

The median income in Lathrup Village is $82,000. Most disposable income is spent outside the City. There are opportunities to capture this wealth locally. We are looking for creative and innovative businesses to contribute to the growing downtown in this traditionally residential community.

Strong Neighborhoods

Lathrup Village has many beautiful historic homes and strong, organized neighborhoods. There is a strong sense of community, prime for the development of a thriving local economy.

Lathrup Village is a Certified Redevelopment Ready Community by the MEDC

The Redevelopment Ready Communities® (RRC) Program is a state-wide certification program that supports communities to become development ready and competitive in today’s economy. It encourages communities to adopt innovative redevelopment strategies and efficient processes which build confidence among businesses and developers. Through the RRC program, local municipalities receive assistance in establishing a solid foundation for development to occur in their communities – making them more attractive for investments that create places where people want to live, work and play.

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Lathrup Village is an ideal location for your business. Residents want destinations in the city where the local purchasing power can be leveraged and captured.

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