27400 Southfield Road Lathrup Village, MI 48076
(248) 557-2600

Lathrup Village City Council

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Mayor Kelly Garrett

Term of Office: Nov. 2019 - Nov.  2023
 bruce kantor
Council Member Bruce Kantor
Term of Office: Nov. 2021 - Nov. 2025
Jalen Jennings - Copy 
Council Member Jalen C. Jennings
Term of Office: Nov. 2021 - Nov. 2025
 Karen Miller pic - Copy
Council Member Karen L. Miller
Term of Office: Nov. 2021 - Nov. 2023

Barbara Kenez - Copy
Council Member Barbara Kenez

Term of Office: Nov. 2021 - Nov. 2023


Section 3.1. - The City Council

The electors of the city shall elect a City Council of five members, one of whom shall serve as Mayor, which Council shall constitute the legislative and governing body of the city and which shall have power and authority except as in this charter or by law providing otherwise, to exercise all powers conferred upon or possessed by the city, and shall have the power and authority to adopt such laws, ordinances and resolutions as it shall deem proper in the exercise thereof. In all cases where the word "Council" is used in this charter, the same shall mean such City Council and shall be synonymous with the word "Commission", or any other term used in any state or federal law in referring to municipal legislative or governing bodies.

Section 3.2. - Qualifications of Councilmen:

Members of the Council shall meet the eligibility requirements contained in Section 5.1 of this charter. The Council shall be sole judge of the election and qualifications of its own members, subject only to review by the court.

Section 3.3. - Compensation of Mayor and Councilmen:

Members of the Council including the Mayor shall receive no compensation for their services as such, but their reasonable and necessary expenses actually incurred in service in behalf of the city as are authorized and itemized shall be paid upon order of the Council.

Section 3.4. - Election of Mayor; Mayor Pro Tem.:

The Council shall, at its first meeting following each city election, and after the newly elected members take office, elect one of its members to serve as Mayor and one to serve as Mayor Pro Tem., both for a term expiring at the first Council meeting following each regular city election when the election of a Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem. shall be completed as hereinafter provided. Such election shall be by written ballot and by majority vote of the members of the Council in office at the time. Provided, however, each officer shall continue in office until his successor has been selected and sworn in.

In the event of absence or disability of both the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem., the Council may designate another of its members to serve as Acting Mayor during such absence or disability.

Section 3.5. - Duties of Mayor:

(a) Insofar as required by statute, and for all ceremonial purposes, the Mayor shall be the executive head of the city. He shall have a voice and vote in all proceedings of the Council equal with that of other members of the Council but shall have no veto power. He shall be the presiding officer of the Council.

(b) The Mayor shall be a conservator of the peace, and in emergencies may exercise within the city the powers conferred upon sheriffs to suppress riot and disorder, and shall have authority to command the assistance of all able-bodied citizens to aid in the enforcement of the ordinances of the city and to suppress riot and disorder.

(c) The Mayor shall execute or authenticate by his signature such instruments as the Council, this charter or any statutes of the State of Michigan or laws of the United States shall require.

(d) Except as may be required by statute, the Mayor shall exercise only such powers as this charter or the Council shall specifically confer upon him.

(e) In the absence or disability of the Mayor, the Mayor Pro Tem. shall perform the duties of Mayor. In the absence or disability of both, the designated Acting Mayor shall perform such duties. Absence or disability in this chapter shall mean only such conditions and situations as make the officer unable to perform his duty as of a necessary time or place.

For more information on city council and elections, visit “Municipal Code” within the drop-down menu of the “Government Button” on the home page. Use the “Municode” search tool.