27400 Southfield Road Lathrup Village, MI 48076
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Lathrup Village Community Foundation


The Lathrup Village Community Foundation has taken a growing role in improving and preserving our community’s uniquely friendly and livable quality of life since 1996. We are an active and visible champion of what keeps Lathrup Villagers here now and what we hope will continue to keep and draw good neighbors to Lathrup Village forever.

The Foundation’s grants support the efforts of local nonprofit organizations to create, sustain, or improve recreation, educational, and cultural programs and facilities, aesthetic, and other projects that significantly enhance the life and character of the City of Lathrup Village.
Supported Projects
We support projects that:
  • Are available and open or visible to all Lathrup Village residents
  • Beautify and distinguish the appearance of the public spaces of Lathrup Village, such as gardens, parks and easements, through construction, maintenance and signage
  • Give encouragement, instruction and practical assistance to residents and businesses in beautifying and distinguishing their properties in Lathrup Village
  • Create opportunities for social interaction, entertainment or intellectual, artistic or physical development of Lathrup Village residents in accessible public settings
  • Advance the formal education of Lathrup Village children
  • Promote the discovery and appreciation of their community by Lathrup Village residents
  • Help sustain the overall value of investment in Lathrup Village neighborhoods
  • Benefit or advocate for Lathrup Village families in temporary or transitional hardship
  • Assist the City and its agencies in the development of long-range visions including a City Center and ongoing relief from the intrusion of through traffic.
Grant Funds
Like all community foundations, our grant making assets are derived from a pool of funds created by many donors. Individuals, families, and organizations may establish permanent charitable funds for a variety of philanthropic reasons; but all are intended for the long-term benefit of Lathrup Village and the distinct advantage of future generations of Lathrup Villagers.

Neighbors who join or re-join the Foundation during our annual Membership drive choose this as a cause worthy of personal sacrifice in a time of economic challenge for all of us. We’re looking for what you, too, can do this year. Don’t overlook any resource, large or small, you can contribute to growing and strengthening your Community Foundation. Your Membership gift of $25, $50 or more endows the Foundation for a future of reliable investment and good works. Along with events like our Texas Hold ’Em Poker Tournament, joint Golf Outing with Michigan First Credit Union, and Art In The Park, it also supports benefits we appreciate today, like free summer concerts and distinctive public signage and lighting.

Please complete and return the Foundation Annual Gift Form , or contact the Foundation for more information. You can also view the Lathrup Village Community Foundation Brochure for additional details.