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Historic District Commission


The purpose is to:
(1)  Safeguard the heritage of the city by preserving the cultural, social, economic, political and architectural elements having historic significance;
(2)  Stabilize and improve property values in such districts;
(3)  Foster and promote property values in such districts;
(4)  Promote the use of local history for education, pleasure and the welfare of the citizens of the city;
(5)  Encourage the collection of records and objects which interpret the history of this city and cooperate in the establishment and operation of a museum or other appropriate center for custody and display of such items.

Historic District Map


Ordinance 99-339, created the city historic district commission, which shall consist of seven
members who reside in the city. Members shall be appointed by the mayor and
approved by the council, for terms of office [of] three years; provided, that
two of the initial members shall be appointed for one year, two members for two
years and three members for three years. Terms shall expire on December 31 of
the year of expiration. The first appointment shall be for terms of less than
one, two or three years, in order to expire on December 31. Members of the
historic district commission shall be eligible for reappointment.

Special membership requirements. At least two members
of the historic district commission shall be appointed from a list of residents
submitted by a duly organized and existing preservation society or societies
located in the city, and at least one member of the historic district commission
shall be an architect duly registered in the state if such person resides in
the city and is available for appointment.

Current Members

John Dunivant
Dane Johnson, Secretary
Annette Kingsbury, Chair
Robin Roberts, Vice Chair
Brigid Taylor
Dianne Weems

The Historic District Commission meets once per fiscal year, at a date to be determined by the members. Special meetings may be scheduled should the HDC need to take action on an item.

Upcoming Meeting:
Wednesday, June 29, 2021 at  1:30 pm via Zoom *please note that this is a rescheduled, regular meeting*
Webinar ID: 992 7048 0918
Password: 725652
CLICK HERE: https://zoom.us/j/99270480918?pwd=WkpYUFhlMjZYSnZPelE2SUZiR2h0UT09 
Telephone: 301 715 8592

Historic District Commission Agenda Packet 2021 06 29
Public Meeting Notice 2021 06 29

Past Meetings:
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